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Woody Holler grew up hearing the songs of the cowboy.  Although he was later  trained in opera, a sense of belonging and nostalgia held him  close to the early Western genre. Influenced by the crooning  styles of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as well as the rustic blue  yodeling of Jimmy Rodgers and danceable swing of Bob Wills  and the Texas Playboys, he developed his lyric yodel on the  wide-open spaces of the Canadian Prairie.  Woody Holler's orchestra consists of Winnipeg's finest folk/jazz musicians  creating a western swing style that Woody defines as "jazz from the saddle". Richard Moody on violin, Greg Lowe on guitar and Daniel Koulack on  double bass add clever arrangements that are rich with virtuosity and style.  The repertoire is eclectic, fun and fascinating, featuring finger-snapping swing  beats, honey-slowed love croons, and show stopping "extreme"  yodeling.  Woody Holler was nominated for the 2010 Canadian Folk Music  Awards.
and his Orchestra
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